Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Mural Madness

Over a year since I've posted.  Man.  Don't dwell Danyett.  I've done so much since last August.  It's been a heck of a year.  Exhausted but motivated to share the beginnings of my first mural this school year!

The following are pics from day four's workshop at John Hanson Montessori .  We spent the first 3 days developing images and creating the layout and design.  Now it's time to paint!  Everybody was shaking in their boots!  Hahah!  Paint is so intimating but a worthy challenger.  

The theme of the mural is "Earth's Treasures".  I love creating murals with students.  I'm not just the instructor but an active participant.  Murals are one of the most authentic community arts projects.  And I get to do me, which is the little strawberry on top.

I gave the middle school students a poem for inspiration.  I googled earth's treasures and found this little treasure  A Lunar Lament by: Anne Pedtke.  After I read the poem to the class for inspiration, I asked them to imagine that they were the moon looking down upon the earth, marveling at it's treasures.  What treasure's would make you a jealous moon?

They came up with some great sketches, which I pieced together into our mural composition, all from the moon's perspective.

Here are six of eight panels.  I love taking their sketches and turning them into one picture. They are always so shocked to see how all the pieces fit together.  They thought their vision boards were the mural!  I'll post those pictures next time.  Imagine the looks on their faces when they saw these.....

They were so tickled to see their ideas and sketches imagined through my eyes.  

And here are my little community artists at work to bring our masterpiece to life!

Mrs. D runs a tight ship but I Ron Clarked it!
Dearest Ron
Since I got that first peek into your head, I've been chasing that feeling I had when I came to visit your amazing school in every interaction I have with a child or educator. 

I remember my first time being exposed to your process.  I remember thinking....this man is a diabolical genius.  The imagery that came out of your workshops were otherworldly.   I got caught up in those panels, it was magnificent, hence why I call you Jay The Magnificent.  And now I get to create these collaged universes where anything is possible with a totally awesome group of students of my own.

I want to be like those two when I grow up!  

I hope these young people could feel that magical vibe in the air that this kind of project can bring.  So grateful to Young Audiences for blessing me with this opportunity to serve communities that feed me with inspiration and fuel my passions daily.  

Now if I can just get them to be fearless....we are gonna have one humdinger of a mural and they will be left with a cherished memory and an experience they will never forget! 

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